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Originally Posted by ReshZek200 View Post
You are ashamed of liking pokemon?! So sad... I thought people would stand up for the game, but you say it is for another... Pssh.. I'M 14 and this franchise fuuuu- epic to me.
I think what's sad is criticizing people for being ashamed to like the series, let alone buy anything related to it. That is almost as bad, if not worse, than people criticizing for liking the franchise as a whole. You're being nothing but a hypocritical fanboy.

Whether you like Pokemon or being ashamed about it, it doesn't matter, regardless of age. It also doesn't matter if others think people of older age shouldn't play the games or enjoy the series. I personally don't like Pokemon anymore, and think it's rehash after rehash, but whether people like it or hate it is the least of my concerns. Now, criticizing others for their opinions, no matter which side, is what doesn't fly by me.

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