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Logan Locks

The sun rose on the island of Pandora. The light changed the purple night sky to pinkish-orange, reflecting the daylight. It was officially early morning as the boat was finally reaching Pandora’s shores. The trip took a tedious three days, making Logan Locks aware of what actually happened at Pandora, listening to stories regarding the island from other passengers who have learned more about it. Before heading to her boat trip, Logan researched more on Pandora on the internet, making her feel aware of the surroundings, the citizens that still live there, and the important places to know. As an explorer herself, preparation is key to a successful travel.

Logan wasn’t seasick, she was used to the swaying of the boat. She was able to sleep last night despite the noises the boat was making, as well as the snoring of the other passengers. She sat on her bed inside her cabin, holding a Pokeball in her hand. That Pokeball contained a Staryu Jude Laughner had given her before she went off. She had taken her out a few times, to swim and enjoy the outdoors. Logan doesn’t plan to take her out today, as the boat was scheduled to make a stop finally.

She finally left the boat cabin, closing the door after herself. Immediately, a boat crew worker bumped towards Logan as she was about to turn to the same direction as he was heading. “Oh, sorry man. Didn’t see you.”

“Just came to tell you to pack up your belongings, because we’re about 5 minutes away from the island of Pandora,” The crewmember said firmly to Logan.

“Ah, really?” Logan’s excitement starts to rise. “Awesome, thanks for letting me know, sir!”

She smiled and rushed back inside her cabin once again. She was aiming to get something to eat, but time was definitely cut short. But it didn’t matter to Logan, an Island was ready to explore for her. She took the Pokeball she was holding before from her waist clip, glancing at it once again at the Staryu inside of it. “Well, Staryu…this is it! 5 minutes left and we’d be stepping foot to Pandora.” She placed the small ball inside of her Bermuda shorts pocket, and started to pack her other belongings. Her messenger bag, which was filled with other Pokemon essentials such as empty Pokeballs, medicine, and even Pandora money. She checked to see if she had everything inside, and also packed in her extra clothing inside as well. Her bag was half-full, she felt that it was a better choice to bring a bigger bag rather than a small one she usually carries.

Finishing up her bag, Logan left her cabin for the last time. With her Pokeball in hand, she released it from her hand, releasing her Staryu from the inside. The light from the Pokeball flashed, forming a star shape and fading to the true form of Staryu. Her center core started to flash as it greeted to Logan. “Heeeeeah!”

“We’re almost to the island, Staryu. You ready?” Logan asked.

Staryu nodded, as it flashed her red core once again. She then jumped up and splashed into the ocean. As she swam, she followed the boat that was traveling to the island. It jumped back inside the boat and shook off the excess water that came from the sea. Logan awaits for the boat to dock itself, as she already has her stuff ready. Many of the passengers on the boat have come out of their cabins with their stuff too. For Logan, she thought these people are tourist. Sometimes, Logan thought she was a tourist as well.

“We have arrived to Atara Village in Pandora. Please take your belongings and exit the boat carefully. We thank you for riding the ferry and have a good day!” said the announcer on the intercom.

The island was beautiful, but this was just the beginning. Atara Village had a few boats docked next to the ferry Logan and Staryu was on. She can see many businesses, homes, and merchants. Logan wanted to check out the food they had in Pandora, but time was tight….she just wanted to grab a piece of bread and a bottle of water to eat as breakfast. She couldn’t get the chance to get some food as she was on the boat earlier.

As Logan stopped by at a food cart, she grabbed three pieces of garlic bread and three bottles of water. She was hoping she would be very prepared for her long journey. As she grabbed the three cold bottles of water, the female merchant noticed her Staryu standing there, drying itself up.

“Your Staryu could really use some water, you trainer,” she said, as she grabbed her green hose. “Water Pokemon like your Staryu should stay hydrated, always.”

Logan looked confused, “My Staryu looks fine…?”

The female merchant sprayed water at the Staryu softly. Staryu was enjoying the cold water from the long green hose. “You should probably keep her inside the Pokeball, leaving her out for a long time isn’t good for her health.”

“I’m sorry… I’m…just new to Pokemon like her. I didn’t know, really.” Logan scratched her head and apologized. She felt ashamed with leaving Staryu outside of her ball.

“Well, as long as you keep her super hydrated, she’ll be fine. I know this by experience because I have a Starmie as my own Pokemon. Starmie is the evolved form of Staryu, in case you didn’t know” The merchant stopped spraying water on Staryu, and closed the hose. Logan took out her Pokeball and returned Staryu inside. She was expressionless as she didn’t know that Staryu was a water-type that prefers water rather than ground. The merchant glanced at Logan, smiling. “It’s fine. You’re new, so consider this as a lesson to learn. I’ve seen Pokemon Trainers like you come by here before. So, this is quite common.”

“I have to pack in for my journey. I have three pieces of garlic bread, and three bottles of water,” Logan pointed out the stuff she grabbed with her left arm. “Is there a PokeMart somewhere?”

The merchant looked around in 360 degrees, “There’s a marketplace down the path, go straight and to the left. You’ll see a man selling potions, and other PokeMerch. He’s pretty good, actually.”

Logan took out her Pandora Dollars and paid the merchant. She then packed up her stuff inside her bag, making the bag at least half-full. She then kept one piece of garlic bread on one hand, intending to eat it. “Thank you so much, miss, for your cooperation!” she smiled.

“You’re welcome, have fun on your journey!” The merchant waved at Logan as she walked away.

Logan was still impressed at the many merchants and businesses around her, and in the city. She still has a few more things to shop, but she’s still eager to go inside the forests, especially the hidden temple she had heard of while on the boat. It was her next destination, but she wanted to be prepared mighty early to go inside.
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