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Quote originally posted by υ Shivam:
I would like to join.
Username : Shivam
Partner Pokemon : Charizard and Chimchar
Why do you like Fire-Types? : fire type is just coolest type in my opinion :D
Okay, you have joined. Have fun around here!

Remember, you can get access to more Fire Types through some events.

Answering the topic:

Well, Fire-Types are just one of the BOSS Types of the game, and they're very awesome. On the con side, However, in Sinnoh, you only get the Chimchar line and the Ponyta line, both of which aren't my favourite in my opinion. Also, they don't prove to be very useful unless you have one with Dragon Pulse so it would PWN Cynthia. However, overall, Fire is a very strong Type, and now most of them can learn Solarbeam, so it's weaknesses are all nothing now. Plus Fire can deal Quintuple Damage.
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