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Stop Total!

The thought boomed inside the boys head making him stop the instant the thought had faded to nothing.

Whats the matter Dusk? Have I done something wrong?

No - I sense something, there are other poke spirit wielders south of the city... and something is not right, we need to get there fast.

But how?

A confused look appeared on Total's face as he internally conversed with dusk, but managed to wipe it off, in case anyone walked by, which luckily, no one did.

I mentioned before about your powers now I am fused with you, you are about to use them for the first time, first - get off the road, this is just so you dont get seen, not that matters for long...

Total quickly got off the road and managed to hide behind the remains of what had been a large and magnificent tree. He looked around quickly before resuming his talk with Dusk.

Ok, What now Dusk?

That has already been sorted Total, look at yourself.

Total followed his Poke Spirits instructions, only to not be able to see himself, it was disconcerting to say the least.

Yes, it is strange the first time, but at the moment, you are only hidden from sight - you still have a physical form, the next step is to imagine yourself free from the binds of gravity, I will help with the direction of travel.

Even though he could not see himself, Total felt his hands press against his temples as he thought hard about not needing to obey the non optional law that was gravity, after a minute he looked down, only to find him self in the air.

Am I flying?

No Total, As I am sure you are unaware the Pokemon species Dusknoir did not have legs and so had to resort to moving through the air - and this is one of the powers you now have Total, it will get quicker to activate the more you practice, but for now, we head to just beyond the southern gates of the City...Hurry.

Total found the sensation fairly odd to be half flying over the city of Eterna, but he was focused upon his destination, he started to descend, just as Dusk had said, there were some odd looking kids, three of them seemed to be ganging up on a forth kid, so trying to do the decent thing, he dropped down behind the forth kid, still hidden from sight, as his feet touched the ground, two small dust clouds rose from where he landed. Total crossed his arms and tried to look mean, but the effort was wasted as he was still invisible, and so he spoke to the group, trying to make it menacing.

"What do you think you are doing? three on one is not good odds."

He looked at one of the kids, who seemed to be salivating, it shook Totals resolve a bit, but he hoped a disembodied voice would surprise them enough to stop what was going on, even for a second....
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