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Quote originally posted by Saving Raven:
my game takes place only 40 years before pokemon red+blue xDD

I think it has much potential in showing the youth days of some older characters~ By the way, can I read about your project somewhere here, on PokeCommunity? :D

Quote originally posted by Saving Raven:
is there any reward for beating all the gyms? and what is your "new idea" for catching pokemon?

Why, chance to challenge Pokemon League of course~! Or do you mean beating more than eight gyms? I actually wanted to make it impossible during single run; it will motivate to re-play the game in the future :D

About the new way of catching pokemon - I am not fully sure about this feature, I'm afraid that anything new would ruin the whole 'pokemon feel'.

Quote originally posted by Charity:
There aren't enough fan-games that explore the history/backstory and more intellectual aspects of Pokemon. It's great to see changes from the usual "official" style and formula/cliches, too - and steampunk is awesmoe.

Glad you like the idea

Quote originally posted by Charity:
On having bugs for the starters, I think it's rather fitting thematically, and not just for the reasons you've given. Bug is often seen as one of the weaker types; perhaps that's a side-effect of advancing technology and intrusion/destruction of habitats (like Mr. Tajiri must have noticed as he grew up)? I think some bug mons would have been stronger 150 years ago, and starters are pretty powerful anyway.

Wow, you are completely right, I even remember Mr Taijiri saying in some interview that he got interested in video games by the fact that industrialisation in his hometown ruined natural habitats of many insects, and, hence, his previous hobby~

Quote originally posted by Charity:
Also, when it comes to growth and classification, I'd like to see some stuff on Pokemon death and lifespan. IIRC the official games haven't really delved into that - besides RBY with Pokemon Tower - so there's much that could be played with.

I think that is because timespan of a game's plot is much shorter than lifespan of any pokemon, but heck, if this isn't some interesting feature to think about :D

And, by the way - welcome on the board, I'm sure your talents, way of thinking and enthusiasm will help the project very much :D

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