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Hiya, Nate, and welcome to the forum! Your avatar gave me a good chuckle. I miss the times when I was really into Naruto, haha. >:

Glad to see you've already been enjoying yourself here! There's tons to do on PC and lots of people to meet, so it'd be great if you decided to stick around, yes? Our mods are helpful and dedicated which is another one of the good things about the forum. n_n

Ooh, computer programming? My friend's studying that too, I hope to self-teach myself some of that stuff sometime. I'm also interested in website coding, so that's another thing on my to-do list. It's surprising to read you're already fluent in those things at such a young age, that's amazing!

You'll definitely be a great addition here, so stay around forever okay! /brick'd

But yeah, have fun around here! <3
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