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Originally Posted by NinjaLizzard View Post
I took both of your advice, and downloaded XSE 1.1.1 and downloaded Free Space Finder. Using FSF, I found a free offset, and plugged it into the following code
#dynamic 0x481E00
#org @start
msgbox @1 0x6

#org @1
= I love these flowers!

Then I compiled the script, copied the @start offset into Advance Map, and booted the ROM. This time, I have no idea what's happening, but when I went to speak to the NPC, my character walked up one tile, and the screen turned black. Anyone have any help?
Hmm, it should be working just fine..... Though I don't know if it'll make any difference try compiling with the offset 0x800000 and try again. If that doesn't work, you'll have to wait for a more advanced coder to come on...
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