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This is an improvement alright. There are some things you still need to fix, though:
Road 1 - The maps looks like a square, and ledges can't go over tall grass.
Cyan City - The gym roof is a bit too big (You did this probably because there are more gym leaders inside, but it's still too big). There is a random green square around the land on the water. Try using the road autotile instead. Also, who builds one part of a building on the ground, and the other part on a hill?
Road 3 - Not enough details, especially on the left part of the map. Other than that, the map is great.
Road 2 - Again, there's not enough details. Also, having parts of land on the water is okay, but having water parts on the land on the water is kinda unnecessary.
Stannum City - This map is fine. The only thing I'd like to say is, again, not enough details xD

I'm really sorry if I'm too harsh with my critiques...

Oh and by the way, IMHO the more gyms, the better, so I'd go for the 5 gyms with 3 gym leaders idea.

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