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Quote originally posted by Saving Raven:
● Adding achievements
[Like catching a certain number of pokemon, or beating all the gyms, etc]
Would be nice, but would be better if you had some sort of online stat server which would show everyone's achievements. This way, players can brag/discuss/compete for their achievements. Otherwise, it isn't really necessary. At least, that's my opinion on how something like that would work.
Quote originally posted by Saving Raven:
● Adding quests
[Like defeating a certain number of pokemon and recieving a special item/money/outfit]
Good idea! More things to do in a game makes it that much more playable!
Quote originally posted by Saving Raven:
● Adding outfits
[making a closet in your room, and at the start, you choose between 3 variations of your clothes, but as the game progresses you get a few more, but you mainly get more via quests and such]
That'd be so awesome! It'd add a degree of customization to the game, and players would, like I said before, be more inclined to complete the game to unlock new outfits. Please, do this if you can get someone to help you on it!
Quote originally posted by Saving Raven:
ANYWAY I'm requesting the help of anyone who could help me implement my ideas, as these are not "fantasies" I think they are very real and able to be implemented, I'm just very slow when it comes to scripts and events.
note, if you DO help with these ideas, I will love you forever, and you will be given a very hearty credit in the credit section of my thread, readme, as well as end-of-the-game :3
Well, I'd love to help you, but I already have 2 games I'm working on simultaneously. I might be able to help out if I get some free hands. I'll stay tuned to this project.

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