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I'm ok with you.

Zekrom has a nice body design. I'm loving the red eyes which cut radically with his black body. I think it's a pity that reshiram don't look more like a dragon.

Certainly, he has a resemblance with a dragon but in view of Zekrom, he is disadvantaged.

Furthermore, if we follow the story, both made only one, at first. Thus, they should be almost similar with the exception of their type, their skin color as well as of the color of the eyes.

Finally, I find that the blue of the eyes of reshiram do not make good with the whole character. I would have preferred that he has orange eyes.

Nevertheless, I prefer reshiram at the level of the fight, because I prefer the type fire.

He is from my favorite type, and is not bad.

Obviously, if he was bad, besides not being "as well aggressive" as Zekrom, I would have chosen the legendary of the lightning.
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