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Just imagine the amounts of hate gen V would have gotten if it introduced these:

When you compare pokemon to previous pokemon "by generation", your comparison is not justified if you pick Vanillite and Klink and compare them to Eevee, Gyarados and Arcanine... yeah no.

You have to compare the weird ones to the weird ones and the animal-like to the animal-like if you want to be honest.
And fortunately, with gen V that is extremely easy to do! Why?
Because they intentionally reused the same basic stuff from gen I (including weird ones) and came up with unique different pokemon for gen V anyway.

Originally Posted by sweetestcaliboy View Post
But i do see where your coming from. Most pokemon are more like animals and creatures. Not foods or electrical appliances.
Because Magnemite and Voltorb totally didn't introduce those possibilities. Not to mention Porygon who is a virtual pokemon.

And, there is no pokemon that is made out of food. Vanillite is a crystal based creature that likes being covered in snow that it creates, which then makes it resemble ice cream. I call this reverse mimicry and consider Vanillite to be the most creative case yet.
Perhaps trainers did not start using it until they came across some that covered themselves in snow, because they thought it was retardedly cute and made a dex entry about it xDD

Originally Posted by Cassino View Post
...Newer monsters have more 'pointless' features; spikes, stripes, fluffy bits, etc.
Sounds like Tyranitar

Besides, I remember reading in some interview that they had more than thousand finished creature designs by gen III, so there is even the possibility that some pokemon have been used in later generations than they were initially created for.
The only known case so far is Gastrodon though, which was made for RS but scrapped and introduced in DP instead.
For gen V I doubt it however as they had several new artists come in and how gamefreak themselves stated that they rather make new ones everytime even though they have many scrapped ones.

Anyways, there is always animal-like pokemon, there is always weird pokemon.
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