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My favourite female character, who's also my favourite character overall, is Blue. When I wasn't reading the manga, I already liked this character, since it was the mysterious girl who was suppose to appear in the first games, but finally didn't for some reason. This mysterious girl looking like a lass, but who was forgotten and re appeared in Leaf Green with a totally different appearance. So, she was arleady fascinating me. Then I discovered her in the manga, I loved her look, her personnality which is really unique. She would sometimes deserve a slap for the way she acts but, she's awesome. And I love her crafty side.
Then my favourite male character is Gold. A funny guy, who's adorable. I loved GSC version, so it was a real pleasure to read a story with my favourite protagonist ever in it. He's exactly how I imagined it would be. That's to say, an amazing character.