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Quote originally posted by pleb:
Trubbish: It looks like a tiny trash bag.
Ducklett: It's a tiny duck
Marractus: How is that cactus moving?
Klink: They're gears with faces

Well, duck-wise... I don't think that means it doesn't look like a Pokemon, because we've had other ducks in the past and they've looked like Pokemon. n_n idk if that makes sense I'm tired.

Quote originally posted by SSJ4Ash:
I dont think they dont look like pokemon, but they do look some-what like digimon. Zebstrika reminds me of Unimon, etc. etc. Too sick to give more examples. (i have a cold)

Yeah agreed on the Digimon line, like, Minccino and stuff remind me of Digimon but that's what I think makes B/W Pokemon better than other generations. I liked Digimon. :x


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