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Quote originally posted by Umbr30n:
Name: Umbr30n or Arron.
2 Partner Pokemon: A Mewtwo and a Rayquaza.
Answering the first Topic: My favourite is Mewtwo because it it such a cool Pokemon plus it has an awesome Back Story.


Which region-based game has the initials as the 3 Legendary Beasts? Answer: Ruby (Raikou), Sapphire (Suicune) and Emerald (Entei).
What types are Moltres resistant against? Answer: Fighting, Bug (Double), Steel, Fire, Grass (Double).

Congratulations! You've got two answers right! \m/

But welcome to the club! Everything's updated!

Quote originally posted by Mentalii:
In an all-out WAR including all Legendary Pokemon, which 2 would be the last ones standing? Who would win the one victorious? Discuss why you selected your choices.

Wow, such a war, it'd be amazing, I'd wanna see that so much ! Well, I won't count Arceus. Because it's God. And, being God, it's supposed to have all the powers, to be the ultimate being so the war wouldn't be interesting with it.
In that case, I think the two last ones standing would be Mewtwo and Rayquaza. Mewtwo would have resisted protecting itself as it shows it can in the first movie, and its psychic attack can overcome even the most powerful fire/water/whatever you want attacks. It would reflect its opponent's own attack against them. And I imagine a long battle between Rayquaza and Deoxys (like in the 7th movie), while every one else fight together, and when Rayquaza manages to beat Deoxys, it only remains Mewtwo. Then Mewtwo wins.

Interesting imagination! Though I would have to say Regigigas would add a bit of competition to the remaining 3 Pokemon though. I could see him chill back while the three Pokemon duke it out you mentioned & attempt to make its move at the right time. Not to mention its the leader of the Regi-trio, it could command them to act as a wall or whatever to defend itself.
Quote originally posted by Snowdrop:
There are so many legendary Pokemon, that's gonna be really hard to decide. They're all so powerful, so an all-out war between every single one of them would devastate the earth to the point which the victors would have no more resources and eventually die themselves, leaving the world of Pokemon locked in a barren, dead environment with no one left to repopulate. With Dialga and Palkia dead, time and space will fall apart. With all the weather deities gone, who will control natural calamities? And thus the world of Pokemon has finally seen it's demise...

Just kidding lol I don't know why I wrote that. Um... I can't picture Mew being taken out. MewTwo, yeah, but not Mew. She's the ancestor of all Pokemon, and can transform into any Pokemon and learn any move, so I'd imagine she's got some clever tricks up her sleeve. And Arceus would be left standing too, the God of all Pokemon. That's just my opinion though lol

Also, can I change my Zekrom partner to an Entei partner? My Entei's name is Baba (don't ask... lol)

Another interesting view. I'm surprised no one even mentioned of Regigigas or even Lugia!

For me, I think there would be there separate group of battles pretty much. The cute, rare breed of Pokemon, which Mew would end up victorious after an intense battle with Victini in the end. The other would be the group of Trio's. This would be the hardest to choose, probably the Swordsmen Pokemon? Since they are actually real fighters, they would be a good bet here.

Then we got the strongest of the bunch, where most will say Arceus, but you're forgetting that Arceus can get ganged up on as well. I'd personally bet on Lugia to be honest. Bulky for one, but also very strong. Mewtwo vs Deoxys or Rayquaza, whoever else would fight would be weakness as Lugia makes the final blow onto the final Pokemon. I would say honorable mention should go to Latias/Latios as they would use excellent teamwork to fight the war.

Which Pokemon sprite & their shiny colors disappoint you the most?