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Escape: Icarus [T]

A small metal box, that is where Henry awoke. He was perspiring heavily and the bed that he was lain on was drenched in sweat. He couldn't remember where he was or how he got here. For the moment in fact he couldn't work out what the last thing he remembered doing was. Looking around the room the first thing that he notices is that there are several other beds in the room, all are made up but none have been slept in. The room was uncomfortably hot and checking the thermometer confirmed that it was 35 degrees Celsius and steadily climbing. It was then that Henry noticed a window at the far end of the room, slowly he pushed himself out of bed and walked over to it. It was quite difficult the floor in the room wasn't quite flat and he wasn't so easy on his feet. Beyond the window was the vast emptiness of space and framed perfectly in the middle was a star. The star was rather near and only the tinted glass prevented Harry from going blind due to the light shining in. As he looked out into space Harry notice scraps of metal floating past, he looked round the window, trying to get a look at the vessel he was on. What he saw shocked him, the ship was badly damaged. How severe it was he couldn't say but quite bad. Then he realised another thing, the ship was in a decaying orbit. In other words he had about twenty minutes before this ship was hot enough to cook him alive.

Henry ran as quickly as he could to the door at the opposite end of the room, which he found was jammed. It was a sliding door with a sensor mounted above it, as he approached there was a whirring noise as the door tried to open but also a crunching of gears suggesting that the door was stuck. Looking around the room he moved over to the nearest bed and broke away a bar from it, this would act as a lever to open the door. He moved back and jimmied the door open, taking one last look at the star before leaving the room. He emerged into a corridor it was eerily quiet. Not a sound could be heard, it seemed the vessel he was on was largely deserted. The reason why was clear enough. The corridor ran left and right, to the right there was a door with a blinking red light above it, probably not a good sign. Henry turned left and headed along the corridor, following it and looking into the rooms he passed.

A few doors down he found a kitchen, stocked with food in tin foil bags. He grabbed a large pan and stuffed it with as many of them as he could and a couple of bottles of water. He left, noticing that the floor seemed to be a little steeper than before and that his walk along the corridor was getting harder. The pan laden with food didn't help him at all, as he progressed he had the choice to either go up or down a flight of stairs. Given the slant of the floor it wasn't really a choice, he went down carefully walking down the relatively shallow descent. Henry didn't know how much time remained, but he knew he better hurry. He pressed on sweating even more than he already was, what with the exertion on top of the heat. In the next door on his left he found a hanger. A single ship was docked in the centre of it. It's dart like form facing the large doors. As quickly as he was able he moved to it, climbing up some steps to board it. The cockpit opened, the ship was built for two so Henry dumped the food in the back seat and fired the ship up. The controls were surprisingly simple. However one thing worried him. A gauge was very low and Henry had a feeling that it was the fuel gauge.

He climbed back out and glanced round, at the lower side of the hanger was a truck containing what Henry hoped was fuel. He headed over and spotted a long hose connected to it, which he dragged towards the ship. But it was to short. Looking around again he noticed a control panel.

The panel contained details about the docking stations, that Henry didn't understand. One thing stood out, next to the bay with the ship in was a green light where as all the others were red. He pressed it and the ship was released, sliding down the room until it collided with the end wall. Harry hoped that there was no sever damage. He refuelled the ship and boarded it, firing it up again. This time the gauge read full. A set of buttons appeared on screen guiding him through the pre-launch checks and procedures, before he fired up the engines. An alarm sounded in the room as the doors opened revealing the vast expanse of space beyond. Henry gunned the throttle and left the ship, turning back to look as it fell into the star. It began to glow red hot like steel fresh from a forge as the ship melted.