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Quote originally posted by Red99:
New topic?
What do you think of the changing of fire types over the generations?
I think The fire type themes have been running dry, and I think my favorite fire types were from gen 1 and 3.
Congratulations, your new topic is accepted!

On the Current Topic: There are always good Fire-Types here and there. But, in Pokemon Pearl/Diamond, they only had two lines of Fire-Type Pokemon, which dissapointed me greatly because of my liking for Fire Types. In Gen I and II, their starters, and other Pokemon such as Arcanine and Ho-Oh, they're just awesome. Volcarona proves that it is pretty much the only useful Bug-Type due to it being Part Fire. The Fire Starter of Gen V, however, also dissapointed me greatly because of the Tepig line being based off a pig while Snivy would have an even better place as Fire-Type. Houndoom, Magmortar, Charizard and Typhlosion also prove to be useful/fun picks.
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