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C.J. Styles
Dead Forest

C.J. hit the ground with a hard thump. “What the?” his thoughts were interrupted by his Pokemon slamming into him as well. From behind him there was tree snapping sounds. That really hurt, but he shook it off after a few moments and struggled slightly to get back to his feet.

Once stable he took the time to look around. Approaching him, and rather quickly at that, was a well dressed girl, couldn’t have been much off his own age. The girl had an eerie presence to her, and as if somehow related, the aura of the Forest had gotten thicker. All in all though, she was kind of.. Cute.

C.J. took a moment to study her over. He noticed she was surrounded by Pokemon some he recognized others he wasn’t sure of. He gathered that one of those Pokemon must have been responsible for knocking him off his feet. Just where did this girl come from? Had she been watching him the whole time? Then she spoke.

Now… why did you come-For me?~

Her words seemed scattered. Was there some sort of alternate meaning to that? He searched his thoughts for any clues to what was happening. Then it came to view. The article he read, a murderer. That couldn’t be this girl, could it? It seemed unlikely, she looked so young.. And way to cute to be a murderer.

I came in search for a Golett..” He said, hesitant in his words. “I’m after finding one though, so I was just about to head on my way.” He wanted to leave but something was keeping him in place, unsure of what was going on he remained silent for some time, staring at the girl waiting to see what she wanted.

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