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Elizabeth - Elizabeth's Classroom
Elizabeth smiled up at Dante in an appreciative manner, meekly thanking him as he helped her lift the briefcase onto the desk. After it had been placed up on the desk she proceeded to open it up, shifting it around so that the class could see what was in it. Within the briefcase sat what appeared to be an entire briefcase full of the disassembled parts of pokeballs as well as several strange objects. She turned to address the class, or at least the portion of it that was present. Once again, she spoke in a slow, awkward manner as if having trouble speaking.

"U-Um... today w-we'll be... building and... 'enchanting' a pokeball..."

She paused for a moment and pulled out one of her own. It had an odd design on it and did not appear to be made of metals/plastics like modern pokeballs. It's opening button was also located on the top of it, as opposed to the side. She proceeded to release a meowth from the ball.

"Like they did... back in Johto."

Oh snap. As it happened, academy staff had been working with elizabeth to reverse engineer the special balls she had brought with her, to try and learn how to recreate them. They had been... succesfull! At least, on some of the pokeballs.
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