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Side: Gold Tribe
Name: Emerald Chance

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Title: "Healer"

Pokemon Species: Blissey

Appearance: She wears a necklace that has the gold tribe symbol on it.

Personality: Emerald is a very caring and compassionate Pokemon. She will never not help a Pokemon that is in need no matter what it is. Be it illness, getting food, or defending themselves. She hates to feel any type of sadness especially since she is so sensitive to it. She isn't afraid to take charge in a tragic situation though, she will stay calm 90% of the time, because she is very level headed and not one to panic. She is underestimated a lot though, some see her as just a healer who can't defend herself, but honestly she can take care of herself in a fight. After all she's not a weak Pokemon, she at times will use the fact she's underestimated against her enemies.

Another thing about Emerald is that she strongly believes that things happen for a reason. She believes that fate decides who lives and dies when, it also determines war and the outcome of fights. Some Pokemon may call her crazy but she will be firm in her beliefs. That's part of why she will never give up in whatever she does. Emerald is the type of Pokemon who will fight til her last breath for what she believes in. After all, she thinks there is no point in fighting if you A. You don't believe in what your fighting for, and B. Your not willing to die for what you believe in. She tries her best to teach these things to others, but she will never try to force her beliefs on others.

History: Emerald was raised by just her mother Ruby who cared deeply for her. When Emerald was still a young Happiny she would carry a round stone in her pouch wanting to be just like her mother. She would always get upset when she didn't have one. She always loved to play with the other baby Pokemon in Eternity City and she did so every day as she grew older, though after she picked up an oval stone and evolved into a Chansey things changed.

Her mother was determined for Emerald to have a better life than she did and so she started having her work hard at training. She was worked hard every day learning about caring for her eggs, healing other Pokemon, and being able to fight. At this point Emerald was 8 years old. The training kept on and she wouldn't have it any other way. She loved doing it, since it made her stronger. By the time she was 14 her mother deemed her ready and sent her off to Gold City. It would be another year before Emerald proved herself and became a member of the gold tribe. Emerald kept with her training herself until she grew close to her time to evolve. Then it happened. The Silver Tribe attacked. Emerald fought hard against the Silver Tribe, but all she could do was escape. She tried her best to make it back to Eternity City and eventually she did. But after it was taken over by the Silver tribe, she found out then she had lost her mother. Swearing to make her mother proud Emerald traveled until she reached Albia, where she swore to fight the Silver Tribe until her dying breath.

Moveset: Heal Pulse, Softboiled, Take Down, Shadow Ball, Hyper Beam, Protect

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