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Quote originally posted by TrollShammy80:
Your hacks are just amazing, thanks very much
Thank ya-Thank ya! For da awesome feedback. ^w^

I hope you've enjoyed the game...

I'm sorry for taking forever to reply back to your comment. :3

Quote originally posted by FireAsh:
All Look Nice Keep Up The Good Work
Thanks, dude...Umm, I hope you've enjoyed the game...and it's difficult...ish...ness...Yeah. LOL

Quote originally posted by Shadow97:
I'm in the front of elesa with my team:
conkeldurr lv 44
zweilous lv 39
fraxure lv 42
larvesta lv 37
feraligatr lv 43
magneton lv 42
I'm gonna record the battle :D
Hah, so you've recorded it, eh? I'll check it out...Hmm, prolly shoulda sub'cha, so I can watch your activity...huh? LOL

I'll be uploading some battling in da Pokemon league over the course of this was...challenging, tho...I did predicted the AI for most of da part. :\

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