Thread: Weekly Poll: Burgh vs Striation Gym Leaders!
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Quote originally posted by Requility:
Good responses here, guys! n_____n

Personally I dislike the triplets so I favour Burgh, but I think he might have a bit of an issue against them. Technically he does have all he needs to win (as mentioned, rock > fire, bug > grass and grass > grass) but Lillipup is p powerful I WOULDN'T GET IN ITS WAY though that's by personal preference :3; sooo I'd probably say Burgh could do it if it were against one at a time but against all three, probably the Triples sadly.
I agree, I never reall warmed up to the triplets as much as I did with Burgh. I think in battle, Burgh could pull it off as I'd expect he'd have more skill, being supposedly older and more experience than the triplets, but that's not entriely confirmed.
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