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There is remote village, Caman, which stands away from the rest of the Johto region where very few Trainers come from or even pass by. Instead of tall, two-story houses there are small, wooden huts with straw roofs. The ground isn’t full of rich grass but with a sad mixture of gravel and sand. It’s a pitiful sight for any person who has ever lived in “inner” Johto. This village acts independently, they have their own Pokémon Professors and Pokémon Centers, but it lacks any professional nurses or doctors or gyms.

At the very edge of the village where the sand meets the grass is a Daycare Centre. It’s another sad sight to behold. The Daycare is a larger version of the hut-houses with parts of its roof caved in. Each of its (two) windows has either a slight crack or is completely broken with the pieces of glasses lying beneath it. An explicit, threatening message is written in spray paint, clearly an act of vandalism. Within the center are two rooms, the Pokémon daycare room and the daycare owner’s room. A young boy about the age of seventeen sleeps on a wool mat beside a tiny, speckled, purple egg. Normally he falls asleep in the family room but his father has which leaves little room for Riley. As a result his clothes, a plain, white t-shirt and holey jeans, are wrinkly but this is the least of his worries. Rows of empty shelves surrounds him, as this is where all the eggs from the Daycare go as well as the Pokéballs for the Pokémon they keep. The last egg of the season is the same egg the juvenile boy keeps near him. Unbeknownst to him this is his birthday gift to him from his father who feels guilty because he keeps son from becoming what he wants to be the most, a Pokémon Trainer.

The boy, Riley, begins to stir in his sleep and the egg next to him seems to mimic his movements. Sunlight pours in from the windows, the shelving blocks all but one ray, which makes its way to his face. A stirring boy becomes a groggy, semi awake one. His arms break away from his body into a drawn out stretch. A puzzling look instantly appears on his face as he pats the ground around the left of him for the egg. The fright causes him to rise up from his “bed” faster than usual and his brown eyes to shoot open. His head looks from right to left frantically when he spots what he’s looking for out of the corner of his eye, it’s behind him. A relieving sigh comes afterwards as well as a slight chuckle.

“’Bout time you’ve woken up, it’s time we assist your buddy out.” This cheery, husky voice comes from nearby a man who is just outside the window, his father.

“Yeah, yeah,” Riley’s voice is deeper than normal due to his tiredness. His hands are rubbing his eyes so he can reclaim some of his vision.

He fetches the specialize tools for aiding a Pokémon who seems to be stuck in their egg. By “we” his father means Riley has to do it by himself his father just likes to include himself in things. A miniature breach is present when Riley looks for possible signs of the egg starting to crack. He lightly taps the area where the hole is with his metals tools. The shell begins to crumble piece by piece until the speckled, purple eggshell is no more. What’s left is an almost pocketsize, rodent-like, spiky purple creature. Its eyes flutter open revealing two round, piercing, red eyes that meet Riley’s soft, brown eyes. He gives the newborn a small scratch on the head between its large ears; its large spikes make it so it can’t be petted.

“He’s yours. Now, go register him with Professor Ginkgo.”


Trees enclose the space around Riley and Weilki, his Nidoran, but they march on in search of the nearest Johto city. His father told him to travel the regions; he isn’t needed at the Daycare anymore. Most Trainers start around the age of ten but here he is Riley, age seventeen and a new Trainer. His ambitions are to defeat every single Gym Leader there is before returning home to retire and do the Daycare Centre for the rest of his life. Weilki’s developing quite the personality, aggressive yet over lovely to Riley. Also, he refuses to go inside his Pokéball for a long period of time.

A grey messenger bag slings over Riley’s right shoulder carrying the necessary items, extra clothes, food, Pokéballs, and other knick-knacks. His attire is the same as it always is, a plain, white t-shirt and jeans, which sometimes have holes in them, but these ones don’t. Riley checks the time on his watch frequently even if it has only been a minute since the last time. The walking aspect of his journey isn’t really working for Riley; he decides he needs to catch a flying type as soon as possible. Though, he will have to wait a bit for it to actually evolve into something that can carry his weight and Weilki’s.

“Ni-ni-Nidooo!” Is all Riley hears before a flash of purple takes off ahead of him. Weilki has been getting a lot more adventurous despite Riley’s warning not to venture off. A sigh comes from Riley before his feet begin picking up speed in the direction where he thinks his poisonous Pokémon is. Veering off trail into the thickness of the forest where tree branches smack him in the face every five feet. He stops in his track to survey the land and to catch his breath. Riley bends over with his hands on his knees hoping he doesn’t have too run much longer when he spots small footprints leading straight away. He walks the path of the prints to find Weilki and a bunch of other Pokémon around him.

Instantly, Riley wipes out his Pokédex to record each other the Pokémon. He starts with a cute, blue elephant-like Pokémon, which has red ridges over its trunk and two on each ear. Phanpy is strong despite its compact size. It can easily pick up and carry an adult human on its back. Riley takes a step back just to make sure Phanpy doesn’t grab him with his trunk. Then, the next one is a runty, mouse-like Pokémon, which stands on two legs with black markings around its body. Also, two red spots on its cheek, Riley knows this is a Pichu. The electric sacs in its cheeks are small. If even a little electricity leaks, Pichu becomes shocked. Finally, a Pokémon that looks eerily similar to Weilki but just a different color. While Nidoran does not prefer to fight, even one drop of the poison it secretes from its barbs can be fatal. This is the female version of his Pokémon except the whole ‘does not prefer to fight’ is totally wrong considering it’s about to attack Weilki.

“Uh, Weilki, watch out?” The trio surrounds Weilki in an aggressive manor each of them baring their teeth at him. A menacing view to Riley, as he isn’t sure what to do at this moment. A wave of toxins seep from the tips of Weilki’s poisonous barbs causing Phanpy and Pichu to back well away from it. Releasing its own toxic goo, the female Nidoran steps even closer to Weilki. Oh! This is a Pokémon battle but Riley has never experience one before. He’s suppose to call out attacks, right? Damaging moves work out the best but you there are other moves that do different things.

“Bite! Kick! Push?” The command has no affect on Weilki but this doesn’t stop him for attacking. He claws the ground, kicking up dirt in the process, then launches forward with his horn leading the charge. A side step is all Nidoran does to avoid Weilki attacks. While Weilki rushes pass Nidoran she slams her two back feet into his stomach causing him to fly backwards into a base of a tree. Leaves are shaken lose showing how powerful the move is.

As snappy as Riley can he points his Pokédex at Weilki, the Professor said it can tell him his Pokémon’s moves. Nidoran moves are the following Peck, Leer, and Confusion. Wait, Confusion? Riley smashes a couple of button for an explanation, Confusion is an egg move given to Nidoran♂ through the process of breeding. Breeding is a hard process; his father mentions how difficult the results are back at the Daycare Centre.

“Weilki, Confusion!” This time Riley’s voice is full of confidence. He points his index finger deliberately at the female Nidoran. A beaten up Weilki shakes his head like he’s trying to shake off the pain. His eyes start glowing blue in color, the blue poisonous creature flies back a couple inches. Poison types are weak against Psychic-type moves like Confusion, Riley knows this much. Weilki then charges forward once more using its sharp horn to steer its attack. Upon impact the horn makes a crunching noise against hurt she-rodent’s skin.

“Let’s finish this off, Peck!” Nidoran ascends from the dirt to face Weilki head on by lowering its much smaller horn. When Weilki comes within striking distance his female counterpart jumps onto his horn and slams her razor sharp claws into his toxic spines. Sustaining injuries to the sensitive spines is the main weakness for this male Nidoran. Nidoran rises onto her haunches as if to do a victory dance until she unexpectedly flies back into the bushes behind her. A faint blue fades from Weilki's eyes as he shuts them from acquiring too many injuries.

“Oh, oh, oh!” A hand digs around his messenger bag for the sphere-capturing device. The ball is crimson red on the top half of the ball-like item while the bottom half is pure white. Clicking the button in the middle causes the Pokéball to enlarge, which doubles its size. Kissing the Pokéball for good luck Riley tosses it into the bush hoping it hits its target. Riley picks up Weilki stroking his head praying that it soothes his pain before venturing into the bush. He notices it shaking three times before a red flash goes off.

“Here’s to many more” His arm finally reaches far into the bush retrieving the Pokéball. Thorns prick his hand but the relief of securing his second partner in crime is well worth the pain. “Let’s take on these gyms!”

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