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Rode the SS Anne won the game of Hide and Seek and reached Vermillion City
Defeated Lt.Surge of Vermillion City
Defeated Sabrina of Saffron City
Beat the Foreign Grunt and Got back the part from the gym
Returned the part back to the plant and Returned power to Kanto
Defeated Misty in Cerulean City
Defeated Erika of Celadon City
Defeated Janine of Fushia City
Defeated Brock of Pewter City
Defeated Blaine from the former Cinnaber Island
Crushed Blue of Vidirian/Pallet
Beat the Elite 4 and Champion Lance Again they were way tougher but I needed no revives
Beat Red and Finished My Johto Challenge
My Pokemon:
Boojangle Male Lvl 100 Dusknoir

Moveshadow Punch, Shadow Ball, Faint Attack, Rock Smash
If I do Emerald can I hack in a Duskull with a dark move so I can compete with the zigzagoon you face?
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