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Alexander Lance Thornmarsh

- 700P
+ 2x Bottles of Water
+ 3x Rations

Logan Locks

- 700P
+ 3x Bottle of Water
+ 1x Rations

Iruzja Aleksadrov

Dammit! The money that the hiker had was all fake! Maybe this is how he died?

[!] [!] [!] [!] [!]
An older trainer is seen nearby, on the ground dusting for prints while his quite strong looking Rhydon and Pelipper watch and protect him. He's impossible to avoid and sees you from the distance, standing and approaching you. "Good morning, ma'am," he opens with as he comes into speaking distance. You can either challenge him to a battle or ask if he can help or maybe even join you!
+ 150P
+ 2x Potions
+ 1x Paralyz Heal
+ 1x PokeBall
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