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Quote originally posted by Sector Revenge:
[COLOR=Teal]Okay, so how would you fix Arceus up to look an improve & better Pokemon? I agree, Arceus as God of all Pokemon, is like a joke to be a GOAT Pokemon. At least be created with it. Its like they goof off its design & just added a golden cross-like wheel. The wheel looks like its a type of animal to be ridden by a leader, definitely not God-like material, in my opinion.
Ummm... Change it's REAL appearance and colour? So like, Fire Arceus has red and orange, and Water Arceus has blue and dark blue, and so on.

Yeah, Arceus is a goat, and Mew WAS the ancestor of all Pokemon. GameFreak just decided to forget about Mew and get a goat-y god! Mew deserved this place, and Mewtwo should have been, like, TECHNOLOGY God.
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