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Forgetting to save, being overloaded with Eggs, doing pointless stuff in a battle, et hoc genus omne (fancy version of etc.). We all have those moments (I think).

I have one example of my own: I've just started Pokemon Black Version. I was checking out my Pokemon's summaries when I noticed something: Most of my Pokemon had that all-too-familiar PKRS sign. (YESSSSS!! BEHOLD THE POWER OF MY POKERUS! BWAHAHAHAHAAAA!) However, I accidentally turned off my DSi. Unfortunately, I forgot to save around that point, and not only were my Pokemon significantly lower level and my Pansage wasn't yet back from the PC (Three words: Dream World waking), but the Pokerus was nowhere to be found. In anger, I then proceeded to repeatedly bash Hilda into a fence.

I hope you learn from my mistake, folks. Feel free to post about your own moments like that.

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