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Quote originally posted by kenshin-:
Thanks Requility to add a poll. I didn't dare.

Well, I think about it : "Everyone shloud go get a Zekrom".

I see a man who didn't let me enter in a cave (before I beat the league). I suppose it's the one for kyurem. But Should I have the second legendary to find him ?
Before the league the only cave you'd be referring to would be Cobalion (on Route 6, yeah?), and Kyurem is post-game. You don't need both legendaries to get it, nor do you need just one. :)

Also I really think we should get more Zekrom support here, because Reshiram is kinda overrated! ZEKROM CAN SHOCK YOU TO DEATH RESHIRAM, ALL YOU CAN DO IS SET ZEKROM ON FIRE. :(
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