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@BlueShellBeast as long as your not trading new Pokemon into your game for use, it's fine.

@Everyone I just posted some userbars courtesy of Mavy42! They can be found in their respective sections within the initial post.

Alright, here's a more complete update:

-Started new game as WARRIOR
-Chose Tododile for starter
-Received Mystery Egg
-Battled Rival, named him SHANKS
-Brought Mystery Egg to Prof Elm
-Boxed Sentret
-Boxed HootHoot
-Recruited Geodude
-Recruited Spearow
-Boxed Rattata
-Recruited Spinarak
-Boxed Bellsprout
-Recruited Dunsparce
-Crushed Sprout Tower
-Crushed Falkner
-Boxed Unown
-Boxed Mareep
-Boxed Wooper
-Stopped at Union Cave Pokemon Center


Totodile Lvl 11
-Water Gun

Spearow Lvl 10
-Fury Attack

Geodude Lvl 10
-Defense Curl
-Mud Sport
-Rock Polish

Spinarak Lvl 10
-Poison Sting
-String Shot
-Scary Face

Dunsparce Lvl 10
-Defense Curl
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