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Originally Posted by kenshin- View Post

No, I've found cobalion and their friends before the league. ;)

I don't want to spoil anymore but this is the cave with a 'karateka' design character who stop us and said the master come sometimes to train him here...

It's between the 'train road' and the dragon town...

I think kyurem is there because I don't see another cave. And It was the same with Virizion (a man still to block the road and said : I feel the presence of a powerful pokemon). So if this man block the cave it's probably because there's a powerful pokemon... like kyurem. (It couldn't be Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion or Tornadus because I caught them so there are only two solutions).

This cave contains the most powerful pokemon. (pokemon with higher level in the game)
Or this cave contains a legendary pokemon.

I think about the second. The unova champion don't go there if this cave weren't an important place...

And you forgot that Reshiram could easily beat the little Zekrom ;)
I remember during my first game on White and Black.
I had easily won my battle with Reshiram and It was hardest with Zekrom.

Nevertheless the configuration was the same. N had his dragon at the level 52 and I had mine at the level 50.
Oh now I know where you're on about! Unfortunately nothing is found there. :( It's quite disappointing but there's nothing there whatsoever. It's misleading, yeah, but nothing within - Kyurem is somewhere else in the region in -another- cave. Sorry!

And yeah, well Reshiram could beat Zekrom buuuuut in general it'd be more logical because Zekrom looks more badass and has a better design. Reshiram just looks like an awkward angel!! :(
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