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Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but since his "mascot" pokemon appears to Magneton, even in the anime, the evolution sequence of Magnemite to Magneton in the anime involves three Magnemite coming together to form the Magneton. If I remember properly, plasma involves atoms separating...the specifics I am not sure of. XP

Maybe Corless's Magneton is capable of splitting apart into three Magnemite (not in-game, of course), or signifies "Plasma", as Ghetsis's plan is not the true intention of Team Plasma?

Corless, being the new leader of the Old Team Plasma, may possibly be stated that he is the leader of a team who's intention is/was to release Pokemon rather than to battle. This plan also represents Plasma - separating Pokemon from Humans, if that even makes sense in an analogy to real plasma.

All of this may have already been covered here or is too much a stretch. Either way, just felt like getting the words out of my mind and onto the computer. :3

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