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I'm honestly not up for it; the fact that Arceus is the one who removed the Pokémon from the planet in the first place, wouldn't he just as easily be able to take the spirits back, too, let alone GIVE that power to any other potential bosses like Dialga, Palkia and Giratina? Giving the power to those three even makes sense, since they could remove Pokémon spirits to their own dimensions.

That said, I doubt any NPC bosses would be willing to allow any kid that challenges them to keep their Pokéspirit if they lose (and some may not even let the kid live depending on their degree of malevolence). Since the acquisition of Pokéspirits was fairly recent, no kid should be legitimately strong enough yet in the first place (Nicholas, too, since his power was shown by Hyper Beaming a city of arguably defenseless adults), so what's the point?

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