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tbh actor method sucks...and I'm using a different theme right now (PokeBo[o]k)

That's right, an UPDATE!
Now, I will assure you, this game isn't dead! Between life and other projects, I've been too busy to work on the engine. Though, for a couple of days now, I've been thinking: why not use game maker! Now some of you wisemouths will say "Game Maker + RPG = Disaster." Well people have done it before and are still doing it. Right now I'm using a few examples to guide me along with my own coding But! I have something to ask:

Is there any great Game Maker experienced people out there that aren't taken already?
Probably not. But! If there is, I'd like you to be proficient in GML and (maybe) be an avid Pokemon fan (not likely). Just popping in to say that this isn't dead!
Coming soon.

The Aurora Pokémon
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