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Username: Sylvie18
Game: HeartGold
Gender: Male (purely because i like growlithe and houndour :L)

been wanting to take part in this, just had to find a working heart gold rom for my R4 xD

Had a bit of time while i burnt my dinner Dx

-Named myself Kain and ensured i saved before picking my first pokemon
-I met Zero, a gentle Totodile who loved to eat
-tried not to squel like a girl over the adorable reactions Zero had when i spoke to it :B, i gotta remember i'm meant to be a guy here
-went to show off my amazingly cool pokemon to my mum before heading to the field
-on the way to Cherrygrove i spotted a potentially masculine looking Hoothoot that i just had to add to my team at the next opportunity
-also grinded Zero to lvl 8
>cried because the game froze<
-went to show mum zero(again) then grinded zero to 8 on the field(again) :L i remember this happening often with my last rom too, lesson learnt :x
-finally made it to Cherrygrove :D
-reached Cherrygrove and an energetic old man called out to me, as he dashed around i realised i must have been out of shape as i struggled to keep up...
-although he did mention something about 'running shoes'... why on earth i could utulize my naturally evolved ability to run unless i changed shoes was beyond me, unless.. maybe, just maybe my family was poor, and my current shoes were in such a tattered state that running in them would destroy them. yes, yes that must be it
-my boisterous and manly activities must have driven my shoes and my mothers money to so close to extinction that it was at the point where i could no longer run or rely on mother for new shoes. i see, it all makes perfect sense now,
-Luckily the energetic old man took pity on the state of my shoes, and granted me a pair of running shoes from his collection as a thank you for spending time with him
-at this point i realised my battery was low so i saved and turned off

Team: Zero the gentle Totodile (m) lvl 8
no item
Scratch, Leer, Water gun. Rage

looks like the story behind Kain so far is that hes decided to pay his mother back with interest for all his shoe spending sprees by travelling. he only uses male pokemon becausehe wants to hold onto the image that men are supposed to protect and treasure girls..unless they're his opponants in battle >D
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