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@TornZero: Well, for the record, pokespirit wielders are a significant deal stronger than even the trainer owned pokemon of old. Legendary Pokemon are wild. In the games, trained pokemon are approximately 10% stronger than equivalent wild pokemon. I'd estimate that pokespirit wielders can fluctuate between 20%-40% stronger than equivalent wild pokemon depending on how well the human and pokemon spirit synchronize and work together, as well as how good the relationship is between the two.

I'm really handing spoilers to you right now, but basically I'll tell you that I say these things based off of lore, all of it from the games, and some of it somewhat secret. I'd say that if you wanted, there are methods of having your character learn about lore. A convenient trip to Canclave, where a ruined library is still intact, would be an excellent place to start. However, a book or two could wind up anywhere over the region, especially in the hands of the adults, who very likely turn to searching ancient mythology for answers to their problems at this point.

But I see what you mean.

@Machomuu: Well, I mean, the absense of levels in the RP doesn't change the fact that they give us a relative strength to go by when dealing with unique canon characters like legendary pokemon. Legendaries would not/will not godmod. I don't like that trope anyway.

@espoengirl: You're welcome. c: Let me know if there's anything I can do for you or help you with.
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