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@machomuu: The problem is that /normal/ pokemon have incredible superpowers. You're comparing legendaries to them as if normal pokemon are some dog on the street, when in reality fire pokemon can generally burn through any known substance, electric pokemon power civilization, psychic pokemon are pretty self-explanatory. Ghost pokemon are the /masters of death itself/. (See, pokemon are immortal, and will simply reincarnate unless a ghost pokemon kills them due to their soul eating tendencies.) Etcetera

Legendary pokemon tend to have maybe one to two extra quirks that don't necessarily imply extra strength at all but rather an expanded horizon of powers to wield when you consider that pokemon already had insane superpowers to begin with.

With the exception of certain legendaries such as Arceus in Mewtwo, but their levels are at 80. Compare that to a champion at the top of their game at maybe 74-77 per pokemon and you determine that yes, they're far too strong to be taking on one versus one, but not so much that they can pull an action movie and take out an entire team of competent pokemon working together against them. |D

Being legendary seems to have more to do with uniqueness and unique quirks, considering there are plenty of normal pokemon, such as Tyranitar, that are honestly much stronger than most legendaries.
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