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Chr. Draco is right about the yearly quest, NecrumWarrior. Each shiny only counts for one portion of the quest, but if it fulfills multiple portions, you get to pick the one for which it counts. So, for example, you now have to option to count Charmander as your egg and SR a Turtwig, or you could count Charmander as your starter and hatch an Absol. You have quite a bit of freedom now. :cer_smile:

Quote originally posted by Chr. Draco:
To G-Moeney: you can use a KOed pokemon with synchronize in front of the party, that will allow you to fight with the next pokemon and keep synchronize effect of encountering a pokemon with the same nature. Maybe you already knew it but reminding doesn't hurt, and probably this tip may be helpful for synchronizers that want to try it.
Thanks! It's good to know that I don't have to train the level 1 Munna to the point where their level is high enough for me to run.

Quote originally posted by ShinyJohtomaster:
Can I be a part of the Hunter's club? I'm a hunter.
Welcome, ShinyJohtomaster! What shinies do you have/are currently hunting?
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