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Wow, more new posts... alright, one big huge reply, so get ready.

Quote originally posted by Rodriguezjames55:
ill try it out than cuz i wanna fight me and i want all of the bulit up with it
You won't be able to battle yourself yet. I've only released a demo with the first five people who submitted an entry. Check back every so often for a new release.
Quote originally posted by TheFattestSnorlax:
I want to see somebody do a walkthrough of this on youtube.
That would be very cool! I encourage anyone to do this. Let me know if you or anyone else finds this game too difficult, though. I can optimize.
Quote originally posted by Cosmotone8:
Ugghh this is really annoying me... I can't seem to get this stupid thing to work... Can anyone help me? PM me and I'll explain a bit more on what's going on... /downloding a hack for the first time

Well... I guess I'll PM you then. By the way, this isn't a hack. It's powered off it's own steam, if you know what I mean.
Quote originally posted by Pokemon Trainer UV:
I don't think that you should let people put Max EV's on this game, then their Pokemon would be too powerful.
The Pokemon that you are given in the beginning of the game have almost randomly generated EV's, right? A normal Pokemon would find it very difficult to fight against one with Max EV's.
I won't let anyone choose max EVs. If they do, I'll change the EVs to more suiting levels at that person's own discretion. However, yes, some Pokémon may have higher EVs anyway, but this is part of the challenge. Besides, I do a battle myself against every Trainer's Pokémon I make, to ensure you have a chance of winning with the provided Pokémon.
Quote originally posted by Rodriguezjames55:
good now
That's a good banner, but what inspired it's creation? It's cool though.

I think I'll go ahead and add it to the OP. Thanks for contributing!

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