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Originally Posted by kenshin- View Post
Exactly, you speak about angel. I don't know if you've already seen the cover of the movie Angel and Devils (movie pulled by the novel of Dan Brown); on the cover, we see a statue at the middle-angel the middle devil. Meaning that both are a part of a whole (a little as the symbol of the yin and the yang).

I think that Zekrom and Reshiram are the same. Both parts of the same pokemon (as we know), a part dark and the other part the light (in other words the angel and the devil).

You're right when you say that Reshiram is like an angel. Of course, I think it's boring for the white version with the game. Indeed, in this one, N control exactly the part of the light. Thus, we control the dark part; and it's a little goes against the spirit of the hero.

I think it had too many features to properly project the whole angel thing ;( Personally I think it'd be a better angel if it's wings weren't as wide and stuff and it didn't have that tail and if it was skinnier overall :(

Originally Posted by Xeninacra View Post
Until now, I believed that Zekrom was the overrated one. Everyone I know hates Reshiram. I could've liked Zekrom better if its tail had been different. Just makes him look like a turbojet (it actually is). And yes, Resiram may look like an angel and its tail may look like a turbojet too (not that much), but its face looks more like a dragon to me.

PS: By the way, have you ever tried imagining a White Zekrom and Black Reshiram? LOL
Well Reshiram's tail looks like a cigarette lighter - Turbo jet wins out tbh.

Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
Tell that to my Reshiram, who was the unfortunate victim of two crits. in its first two battles. I boxed it immediately.

Besides, if I really need them, I can always import the one that is not found in my choice of game. Due to all the White Forest exclusivity in the first set, I will go for White this time and import a Zekrom if needed somewhere, but in keeping with the spirit of the game (legendaries appearing later) I will only use it outside of storyline battles.

Oh yes go crits! n___n Sadly that's Zekrom's only way to win though!
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