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A somewhat eerie voice caused Bay to jump, commenting on how the confrontation appeared to be against him. Apparently someone else had joined this standoff, seemingly coming to his protection. Hopefully this person knew what they were doing but, it also came to Bay as unexpected and surprising. Despite his perceptive abilities, he was unable to detect this apparition approaching until they got close enough to have killed him and spoke. The voice seemed to come from behind him but the invisible stranger could have moved anywhere by now. This person was skilled in stealth, and Bay had to give them credit, the voice coming from nowhere seemed to have startled everyone as much as he.

The wielder who seemed to have a demonic aura seemed to have out aside his hostility for now. This dark figure told him to take his hands away from potential weapons and Bay, half-heartily raised his hands to shoulder level like he was about to get pat down or arrested
. Then the boy walked over to the group of girls, exchanged a few words and a beanie then walked off. The person who was somehow still able to allude Bay's sight suddenly revealed himself to them all. He seemed to want to travel with the girls. A sudden figure who came from nowhere changed all of this and possibly saved Bay.

Bay was more tired than he was before and he felt dizzy as if all the blood in his body rushed to his head from using the most he's ever used before. He tried to walk it off and not appear weak to the remaining group of wielders, and he even managed to get a few steps away, before he stumbled to the ground. Well at least one thing hadn't changed, he still ended up on the ground at the end of the day. Strength was drained and senses dulled down, the fox ears on Bay's body receded and his hair reverted back to brown. Hopefully no one would decide to rob him. Bay's head plopped to the ground and he lost consciousness.

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