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If you watched any best wishes episodes you would have probably guess what this post is about.

This is not saying Cilan is a "Brock rip-off" (although I bet you anything it's going to get people coming here and posting that he is xD) this is just posted for me to get views of who people like more. As we know, Brock has been around Ash/Satoshi for almost the entire anime with only the female character changing. But we finally got someone to take his place as the male partner in the group which is Cilan (or the Japenese name Dent if you prefer)

I personally think that they both did a great job at doing what at least one character in an anime should do. Make it over the top and hilarious at moments.

Anyway, I do like both, but I do know I probably do carry a more unpopular opinion of liking Cilan more. Just the way he trances with his TASTING TIME!!!! just always makes me smile and laugh for some reason. xD But I want to hear other people on this.

Although I think we can all agree that Brock's humor just got really annoying in the Sinnoh region (seriously, I've only watched the movies and I wanted to smack that crogunk for killing the mood of the joke ._.) and I for one am glad they replaced him just because of the direction that his personality was heading. I would be saying that even if I didn't like the new character.
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