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Originally Posted by RubyHacker View Post
I'd like to join, since the other ones i've tried to join the "host" is not active.

I'll do Silver, if it's possible, O want only 1 clause, also i'd like a pokemon with a high attack generally.
I can hack.
You get a Krabby.
and since there arent a huge amount of posts atm, guess i'll give you your Rule n clause too
Rule: Every time you beat your rival you must go on a victory spending spree in the pokemart -you must spend half of what you own
Clause: Krabby is a bit of a clutz, it cant use any hold items because it'll just drop them and after every 8th trainer battle it accidently loses half of the healing items in the first slot of your bag

hahah, Hovde gave me a shinx earlier, so cna i use those clauses with shinx? besides pinsir is one of the few pokemon i dont have on SS yet xD
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