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was eager to start :D update #1!

-Started up the game and named myself Tia
-watched TV before meeting up with Gale my best friend and rival
-he was hyperactive as always and wanted to find an amazing pokemon in the lake nearnour hometown, naturally i agreed
-while at the lake we witnessed two people examining the lake, one of them was addressed as 'professor'
-after they left we noticed that they had forgotten their briefcase, so we ventured into the tall grass to get it, unsure of how we were going to return it to those people
- while in the grass something terrible happened, a bunch of wild starly flew out of nowhere and attacked us
- neither Gale nor i had any pokemon of our own. it looked like a hopeless situation, however, in the
confusion one of us tripped over the briefcase, causing it to open. Inside were 3 pokeballs, what a stroke of luck! it was an emergancy so Gale and i both grabbed one and prepared to battle
-It turns out that i had grabbed a turtwig, and Gale a chimchar, the borrowed pokemon easily defeated the starly
-as soon as the battle was over, the younger out of the two people we'd seen previously returned and thanked us for
finding the professors briefcase, however his thanks quickly turned to worry as soon as he realised we'd used the pokemon
-Gale and i decided we'd follow the guy to apologise for borrowing the pokemon and to return them.
-we bumped into the professor on the way back to town, instead of taking his pokemon back he just examined them then ran
off to his lab. Confused, Gale and i decided to head home and rest.
-While at home mum told me that the Professor was Professor Rowan from Sandgem, the next town over, she also told me to visit him and explain the situation properly, she then gave me some running shoes and sent me on my way,
- i ran to sandgem, avoiding and running from all battles that i came across, something told me that this turtwig was not meant to
be my life partner for this journey. i had the feeling i'd be parting with it soon, so why should i train it?
- upon reaching Sandgem, the professors assistant (who turned out to be called Lucas) greeted me and took me to the lab
- as he did, Gale came charging out of the building in his usual manner, although he seemed more excited than usual, and rushed off without saying much
- to my surprise, Rowan let me keep the turtwig, yet i still had a feeling that i was to part with it, then Rowan asked me to complete the pokedex that he gave me as sort of a payment for letting me keep turtwig
- Lucas taught me the basics of pokemon, such as pokecentres, pokemarts and catching pokemon. Thats when i came across it.
- on Route 202 a lvl 3 male Shinx who i just knew would be my one and only life partner in my journey. i had turtwig weaken it for me before throwing one of the pokeballs that Lucas had given me. I caught it on the first try and almost jumped for joy.
- After naming the fated shinx 'Lumen' i ran to the pokemon centre to heal up and meet a friend, she traded me an egg for my turtwig so i ran around in
circles for a while until the egg hatched into a caterpie. Now Lumen would never be lonely.
- turned off in search of food


(Shinx) Lumen lvl 3 (m)
Gentle nature
no item



(Caterpie) Cat lvl1 (f)
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