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Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple View Post
-BUMP- Teejer, I just wanted to tell you that I do need help with tiles on my extremely hard to do Emerald hack. Could you P.M me? And if you were to wanna persuade me not to do an emerald hack, PokemonMasters have tried all possible ways to stop me, so save your breath LOL.
Mmm, a bump. That's tasty. I may or may not send you a PM... actually I will. But I'm still gonna breath all over you, my breath is never saved.

Originally Posted by RetroRoller View Post
Erhmahgurd Emerald hacking

But really, it might do, it doesn't say anything on the first post about it.
I took a look, and although it would be incredibly useful when it is complete, at this point it would just complicate things for me since there's so much stuff I would have to work around. So, I'm probably not going to use it.

EDIT: The pokedex is complete. You can thank Oshawatt for that.

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