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Originally Posted by Skymin View Post
Do remember that in the natural world, though things may look symmetrical, they usually aren't. Try taking a picture of yourself and mirroring it vertically. It kinda makes sense but it does your head in. When making characters, try mixing things up left and right. Scar on right side. Mole on left. Tattoos, piercings, etc. It's okay to not make someone symmetrical.

But, it's no big deal you like your stuff to be symmetrical. It's aesthetically appealing but to an extend; you can only go so far before it looks boring.
I've seen actual shirts where there's only one sleeve, and the other side is sleeveless.

Also, seeing as I have Heterochromia, it's a tad impossible for me to be symmetrical. I actually prefer asymmetry, I guess that's just my "weirdness" factor on the rise, as I probably would wear one-sleeve shirts if I ever found them.


Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
Quick Question, you guys. I'm adding the ratings to the categories of roleplays on the wiki and am wondering how it should be phrased. Right now I have one that says "Rated M" as the category, but I also considered "Rated Mature", "M Rating", or "Mature Rating". Thoughts?
I think "Rated M" seems like a fine format. Though it seems like most of the pages aren't being categorized.


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