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Quote originally posted by wildjr:
Okay, me gonna try. I guess I'll play FireRed or LeafGreen. Sign me up! Challenge Accepted!
PS- If you want me to pick one, give me some time to check for previous save files.
Okay, I'll update it when you pick.

Quote originally posted by pleryt16:
In Emerald, can I buy Lava Cookies since they arent from a Pokemart?
Sure, since it's sold from one person instead of a whole company selling it.
I'll update the main post with that.

For me:

I beat both Ruby and Sapphire this morning, Ruby for my Solo challenge, and Sapphire for this.

Team after beating the game:
Swampert Lv.73
-Ice Beam

Gardevoir Lv.73
-Dream Eater

Breloom Lv.72
-Brick Break

Crobat Lv.72
-Poison Fang
-Wing Attack

Aggron Lv.75
-Rock Smash
-Iron Tail
-Rock Tomb

Vileplume Lv.74
-Petal Dance
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