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Quote originally posted by Avishka:
wow so many banners!
they all are awesome!

that's wht i meant
Umbr30n, u should change the Arceus sprite
If you were allowed to improve a Fire-Type Pokemon, what would it be, and how would you improve it?
i would like to change the design of Tepig it looks like a pig to me and also of Heatran it doesn't look like a fire type legendary, they should be just fantastic and have a WOW factor which heatran doesn't have

'Kay, changed it.

Quote originally posted by Red99:
Who was your favorite fire type user in the entire Pokemon franchise?

Topic accepted.

Answering the Current Topic: I'd have to say Flint because his personality is awesome, though there are some points of him I dislike such as his team, but he had quite a good role early-game. Just don't get to the Pokemon Topic, unless it is about his Pokemon Platinum team...

Quote originally posted by Rodriguezjames55:
k im picking Houndour my thoughts on heatran is Y NU BREEDING who else reset the game over 7 time to catch a female and all the gender is is a troll
Volcarona pretty powerful the only nonlegendary that you catch lv 70
Reshiram eh this typing should have been done with charizard

I thought ALL legendaries including Gendered ones can't breed (Except Manaphy).

Quote originally posted by Seraphimon-sama:
Who was your favorite fire type user in the entire Pokemon franchise?
My answer would have to be Flannery. Even though her team is easily defeated, she still keeps a fiery personality (sorry I just couldn't resist throwing in that pun there).

I should look in on her personality, because I haven't really known her yet.

Quote originally posted by allaurarenee:
Your Username: allaurarenee
Partner Pokemon: Growlithe and Typhlosion
Why do you like Fire-Types?: There's always been something about fire types that made me love them, but I'm not quite sure what. (: Ever since my first Pokemon game I have always chosen the Fire starter.

Heatran, Reshiram and Volcarona are all unique in Combined Types. Have you got any personal thoughts about these Pokemon?:
Honestly, I don't care much for Heatran, I don't like the fact that it has genders because it goes against the whole legendary rule. Reshiram I've never had as a Pokemon, but the combination of types in it make sense to me "Dragon/Fire".. Why haven't we had one of these before? I mean when you think of a Dragon, you think firebreathing, right? I do however like the combined types that Volacrona has, because Fire types are supereffective against Bug types, I sorta like the combination of Fire/Bug. Though in any case I've never really been a fan of bug type pokemon. (:

'Kay, you're in.

New Topic: If you were one of a Region's Elite Four, and you were a Fire-Type Specialist, what would your Fire-Type team be?