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Welcome AlexOzzyCake and Droomph
I know I'm co-owner and everything but I feel the need to sign a form anyway so here goes:

Name: Tuitc
Pick a pokemon from the list: Celebi
What's your favorite creepy topic?: Marvellous Bridge Girl XD had an encounter with her before
Do you have a favorite character from a Creepypasta?:Innocent Celebi and Lavender Town Music/GHOST

Answering your Q Ozzy this is what happened to me: I was Biking on Marvellous Bridge normal right? WRONG! I had Zoroark somewhere in my party to level up biked past the girl and she vanished. She was standing beside a guy when that happened so she's gone and here is his response: "Wha..What just happened?" or something like that! Then this is what popped in my head: Well I have a zoroark in my party so I thought well woman must have been a Zoroark so that was my theory! Untill Zayphora told me otherwise XD!

You know I think MissingNo should be legendary :3 XD

Welcome Vato! XD