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Quote originally posted by Mick Fizz:
As promised (Hallelujah) here is my teacher SU. Let me know if it needs any changes.

Name: Charles Fitzpatrick

Nickname: Charlie, Mr. Fitzpatrick, Fitz

Age: 38

Sex: Male

Job: Counselor

Appearance: Charlie likes to dress, as they say, sharp, and sports suits most of the time. He strongly resembles real-life actor Charlie Sheen, even in the hairdo.

Personality: Charlie Fitzpatrick is a man who doesn’t have a single worry in the world. Well, seemingly. He is actually obsessed with doing things right, and is a bit of a metrosexual. Not only that, but he can also be a hypochondriac when he gets sick, and he’ll get any medical tests within his grasp if he considers them necessary. But in spite of all of this, Charlie is actually nice to other people (especially those of the opposite gender who he finds attractive), and it takes a lot to get on his bad side. He can play the piano quite well, and usually does that at his house, where he also likes to drink scotch and smoke fine cigars.

History: Charles Fitzpatrick originally hails from Goldenrod City, Johto, but has travelled around the world with Pokémon ever since the age of eleven, shortly after his father’s life was taken by a disease he had been fighting for years, and not much is known about his life before that. His starter Pokémon was Jaws, a Totodile, which he got from Professor Elm, and during his early years of being a trainer, he won many battles and even managed to earn a couple badges. It seemed that his future was a bright one, and that he would become the Champion, but life had another fate for him.

During his travels, he met Arturo Grimes, a trainer that came from Hoenn. The two of them initially were rivals, but ended up becoming close friends. However, Arturo, or Artie as he liked to be called, was not a good influence for Charlie, and as soon as they reached their teenage years, Artie started to get more interested in the ‘party life’ and dragged Charlie along with him, setting him off the course of becoming a stronger Pokémon trainer. Both of them spent their nights out at clubs, drinking, hooking up with girls, and their days in bed, hung over. Jaws, by this time a Croconaw, grew worried about him, and developed a dislike towards Artie, who he considered the reason Charlie stopped battling.

This carefree, hedonistic, and somewhat reckless lifestyle continued for many, many years, through Artie and Charlie’s early twenties. By this moment Artie and Charlie was what you would call ‘Partners in Crime’, they would live off gambling, and money seemed to keep falling on their laps. However, one day Artie passed away suddenly at age 27 while having cigars with Charlie, leaving the latter devastated and terrified, haunted by the thought that he would die young as well. He immediately went to a hospital and got himself checked for every possible thing that he could have. Luckily, all results came out okay, but he decided to stop the style of life he had been carrying out. Charlie also inherited Artie’s main Pokémon which was a Grovyle named Connor, and got professional help to get rid of his lifestyle and sorrows.

After many years of therapy, a renewed Charlie used his money to buy a big house by the beach in Undella Town, Unova. There, he tried to go back into the battling game, but after some training sessions he realized everything was different than what he remembered, and battling didn’t suit him anymore in his early thirties, so he decided to do something else with his life. Seeing how happy he was after therapy, and how it had changed him for the better, he felt that he wanted to help people the same way he was helped, and decided he’d become a therapist. Years later, after finishing his studies, he was hired as a Counselor at Gary Oak’s Pokémon Trainer Academy, in a faraway island. He sold his Undella Town beach house and bought another house by the beach in Oak Town.


Species: Feraligatr
Nickname: Jaws
Personality: Having been Charlie’s companion for over 25 years, Jaws is Charlie’s most trusted partner and is very protective of him, and wants to make sure he never goes back to the life he lived with Artie.
Lvl: 45
Moveset: Hydro Cannon, Ice Fang, Slash, Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Aqua Tail

Species: Grovyle
Nickname: Connor
Personality: Although Connor was Artie’s Pokémon, he is quite fond of Charlie. He acts a lot like Artie: cocky, reckless and hedonistic.
Lvl: 32
Moveset: Frenzy Plant, Energy Ball, Leaf Blade, Swords Dance, Aerial Ace, Drain Punch

Species: Flygon
Nickname: Moondra
Personality: Moondra is a pretty childish Pokémon in spite of her size, and is hungry most of the time. She loves to eat (duh).
Lvl: 45
Moveset: Fly, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Sandstorm, Double Team, Screech

Species: Mr. Mime
Nickname: Berta
Personality: Although Berta usually does the chores around Charlie’s house, she is a pretty skilled battler. She is also pretty sarcastic towards other Pokémon (and humans too). She is capable of speaking and understanding human language.
Lvl: 40
Moveset: Psychic, Barrier, Mimic, Attract, Shadow Ball, Substitute
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Will he be teaching a class on "WINNING"?

Quote originally posted by Jbsundown:

Well that'll be good considering what I have planned for the lesson! :D
You look to be quite a fan of my species, sir.

Quote originally posted by Mick Fizz:
Thanks! And I have another question fot the post when Charlie arrives. Since he is a pretty well-off man, should I hake him arrive on his private boat? Or should he arrive in the same boat in which students arrive on the island?
He can just walk across a bridge of cocaine SUGAR right onto the island!


Also, guys, there was an explosion in the Suicune Dorm, you know, no big deal, just shook the ground. Unhinged a door, you know. Normal stuff.

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