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Originally Posted by pichu2000 View Post
I'm tired and angry...
Emulators and Nds refused to load a map when I add a polygon...
But NSBMD viewer, Tinke, MKDS, NPRE and official g3dcvtr.exe are continuing to tell that map's model is OK...
I checked all offsets, all sizes, all f***ing byte without success!
If someone can help me, I appreciated....
Hm... I wonder if this has something to do with the arm9 binary? I think I remember someone saying that the music offsets and weather offsets for the maps are located somewhere in the arm9 binary.

I also wonder if this might be an issue with Tinke? 'Cause I have experienced an .sdat corruption when inserting any SSEQ, SBNK, SWAR or STRM file into the .sdat on a second attempt, which makes only the sound that I've inserted play, while all the other sounds are either glitched or don't work. Which is why I would close Tinke when I've saved the changes, then open it up again. It's a bug that probably needs to be fixed.
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