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This seems to be a great game well I'm gonna sign-up hoping to be in this game!

*Required Section*
Preferred In-Game Name: Tajaros
Trainer Type: Cool Trainer
Pokémon #1: Braviary
Pokémon #2: Metagross
Pokémon #3: Gyarados
Pokémon #4: Charizard
Pokemon #5: Lucario
Pokémon #6: Zoroark (I want this to be the strongest! )

Overworld Speech:

Hey there!
So you're (playername), huh?
I've been hearing rumors about you
let me see how good you are!

Battle End Victory Speech: (Is this the speech to be said when you lose?, if that's the case this one's right )

Heh, it seems you're not that
strong as they've said...

Battle End Loss Speech: (Is this the speech when you win against the Trainer?)

So, it really is True...

Here's another speech it's after the battle when you win against he trainer:

More, and more Trainers are getting
stronger by the time...

I should get on with my Training...

Custom Graphic:

Well good progress on this I wish you the best of luck!
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